About me

Hi there,

I am honored that you are interested in knowing who I am. Often these days, we never really take the time to truly get to know each other. Most of our interactions are fleeting and superficial.

If you’re here, then I must’ve done something or said something to spark your curiosity. I am flattered, but I feel the need to insert a friendly disclaimer here; that we are all human and that we all have up and downs. We all have angels and demons, and that we all have our strengths and our flaws.

I am someone who is simply trying to be better. I feel indebted for being here; alive, I mean. I owe my existence to the Universe and I believe that by striving everyday to be a better version of myself, I somehow give meaning to my place in this life, and justify my existence.

I’ve been on this planet for 27 years, I was born in one of the hottest places on earth to a mother who came from the west and a father who came from the east. I grew up in the desert surrounded by a unique culture and a set of traditions, while embodying a duality of heritages; those of my mother and my father. Fifteen years later, I immigrated to one of the coldest places on earth. I discovered what snow is. I also discovered what consumerism is, what individualism is, what freedom, equality and opportunity are. Today, I am an engineer, a wife, and a lover of literature, art, and family. I am also a blogger.

I opened up this blog five years ago, because I needed to clarify my thoughts. I was a teenager riddled with confusion and turmoil that comes with the struggle of self-discovery-  just like any teenager out there. Writing was a way for me to truly look inward and have a tough conversation with who I am. Today, I continue to write to keep my thoughts clear. Life continues after teen-hood, and  for those who are lucky to come out of that period triumphant, life has a different set of challenges in adulthood. So, I write to dwell on questions of life, and keep myself on track.

If you are where I am today, then I hope you find resonance and companionship on this blog. If you are ahead, then please feel free to share your wisdom and your experiences with me. And if you are younger, then I hope you find insight to deal with what ever you are going through in life right now.

Apart from that, I am just an ordinary person who is living out her own story that she decided to write for herself as much as she can.


So, thank you for taking interest in me and I wish you a delightful read on this blog!