Recently I have been obsessed with the idea of minimalism, and decluttering my life. Decluttering my home, my closet, my expenses, my body, my mind, and my heart.

Leading a simple healthy life with an enriched spirit and mind has been very appealing of late and I have been searching for ways I can achieve that.

I’ve donated two thirds of clothes that I hardly wear, and have been reusing the same outfits. I haven’t spent money on new clothes in a year. It makes for an easier morning routine.

I have no make up products apart from my eyeliner and a mascara for special occasions. Most of my beauty and care products are made from natural ingredients (some are even my own DIYs).

I gave away a third of my kitchenware that I almost never use. Anything else that I don’t need and doesn’t bring me joy, I either give away or throw away.

The only thing I spend extra cash on these days are books…I could always borrow them, but I dream of having a library of my own.



1- identify the essential

2 – eliminate the rest

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