2017 – Here we go

End of December and beginning of January, I have been very focused on starting off 2017 right. I have the usual on the list: career, health, school and personal life. But I guess, the most significant addition to the list this year is my new business.

I have been setting up and laying the ground work for my business, which offers editing and proofreading services for all kinds of authors. I have big dreams and plans for the business, but for this year, I want to get it off the ground and generating money.

The hardest part is getting clients. I have set up my website and my social media. I have set up my pricing strategy and the defined my services. One thing I haven’t done yet is defining my target market. While I have a vague idea who that is, I think if I am going to succeed in getting exposure for my business, I really need to define my target market so I can refine my services, and build my marketing strategy from there.

I am very excited. Not is only a new challenge, but I am discovering an affinity for entrepreneurship that I doubted I had before.

I foresee a lot of work ahead of me. But 2017 has 365 days and every new day is a new opportunity o be taken.

Here’s to big dreams.

2017 – Here we go

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