Tonight is a no-pants night. It’s a panties only night.

You know that feeling when you come home and just drop everything at the door because you are so tired that even your skin feels heavy? Yeah. Well, I can’t take off my skin, so I am taking the next layer outwards. It feels great.

I mentioned before that I am learning to manage my energy instead of my time. I making lots of progress on that and I taking notes to better understand my triggers, my relievers, and my sources of energy and all that. Once I have enough, I will organize and then share. I only wanted to say that it’s been going well so far.

In light of that, I made the decision to undertake Yoga. While my pursuits in life are not particularly physically demanding, my body has been taking the toll of all my endeavors and struggles, and stress. I’ve been reluctant to engage in sports or aerobic and high-impact exercise because I don’t want to stress my body or heart any more than they already are. My body aches enough at the end of the day, the kind of ache that doesn’t go away with a good night’s sleep. I realized that my problem is not being sedentary, on the contrary, my fitbit info tells me I move enough during the day. My problem is that my body doesn’t have a way to release all the accumulated tension throughout the day. So I thought I need something therapeutic, I can do anywhere, and will force me to take the time of the day to focus and my body and quiet my mind. Yoga.

I will be keeping notes on this one too and watch my progress.

On that note, Happy Thankgiving to my all American friends. I wish you a wonderful time with your families and loved ones.
Here in Canada, we’re only really looking forward to all the Black Friday sales happening in stores. ( :

Have a good night.
I am grateful for you.

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