“I am not sure what you work on.”
“It looks like it’s going great for you.”
“You seem like you have it under control.”

The problem of being an introvert is that we make hard work look easy. Today, during lunch, some of my colleagues were discussing how the workload these days is getting unrealistically big, and that sometimes we don’t have enough hours in the day to finish what we want, so we push some things to the next day, and before you know it, we have a mile long to-do list to get done before the end of the year. The other strange phenomenon is that the work doesn’t seem to be getting any less even when we add more heads. We are more, but we continue to be overwhelmed. Something is wrong.

While I genuinely agreed with what was said and acknowledged it vocally, the rant was mainly led by the rest of the group, and I remained quiet. Then, one of the two women turned to me and said “You look like you’re doing great though. Everything is under control for you.” I replied that what I do is different from what they do (I used to do their job, so I know), and it is just as hard in its own way. It’s worse because, apart from my manager, we have no one else. We are only two in the department supporting five other departments in a manufacturing plant. I am probably the most qualified to describe what “overwhelmed” means.

But that’s just it- I don’t describe how overwhelmed I am. I am not someone who complains or talks out loud about all the things I must get done, and how my life is very much upside down at the moment. I also happen to never talk about how wonderful it is. I am just a private person, in my joy and in my misery.

So it seems to them that they can do what I can do. They don’t hear me complain, so they think I don’t have enough work. They don’t know that I have so much work that I actually bring my work home and continue on the weekends. They see me come in and leave at random hours, they think I have a flexible schedule and my life is great. The don’t know that I cover all three shifts (day, evening and nights), and stay on call.

What they also don’t know is that I allow myself two chocolate chip cookies before bed as a reward for toughing out a long day. ( : But that’s besides the point.

All that to say, they don’t see and I don’t allow them to see. So they jump to conclusions and become envious for no good reason. I don’t care much to correct those conclusions, because I am a private person and that is how I like to be. My time is better spent actually getting things done.

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