Financial Struggles

Lately, I’ve been uncomfortable financially. Things are tight, and I have to be careful of where I spend the money.
My husband is currently without employment, but he is working on an idea that might yield a big breakthrough for the both of us.
In the mean time, I am supporting us both.

A week before my wedding, I got into a car accident due to fatigue. The car repairs and the rental are eating up a chunk of my savings.
Along with all the payments I had to put down for the wedding, my tuition and the balances that are due on a few credit cards and a line of credit.

I do feel a little strapped for cash, and while my head is still somewhat above water, I definitely can not handle another major emergency.

Today, I layed down the ground work for my company. It is my first venture, service based, and I hope it will provide me with another income stream.
I don’t expect to become a millionaire, but I hope to at least support my husband’s expenses as he charts a path of his own, while I focus on paying off our debts and build our emergency fund back up.

I am hopeful for a better tomorrow, and I am thankful for what I have.
I just gotta keep plowing through, and have faith.

Financial Struggles

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