There is a distinct moment in your life where you are on the cusp of change. Before evolution takes a hold of you and you engage in a lengthy process of metamorphosis and mutation, you are suspended in a state of stillness, where endless possibilities of who you can become and what your life could look like are filling up the boundless space that is your existence. Each possible story line is a strand in a weaved web of all of who you could have ever been. The few of yous, the many of yous and the all of yous. It is the most congested junction of all of your ”roads to be traveled”.

It is a quiet moment, free of the struggle for survival, the force of adaptation and the everlasting see-saw of fight or flight for your life. Everything stops, and all of a sudden you are at this place where you can absolutely go anywhere you want and be whatever you want.

The moment is almost always short lived, and if you do not chose, the universe will make a choice for you and the scales will tip one way and not the other. Because time will not wait for you, the world will always turn, and life will go on whether you chose to hop on or not.

I have not chosen yet, and I believe I am running out of time.
I have this urge to go in a certain direction, but my vision is foggy and I can’t see.

Something is still brewing inside.

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