I guess one of the reasons I fail at Networking is that I do not prepare for them. I always had the idea is that you go to a networking event and you “wing it”. That technique might work for some people, perhaps extroverts, but it won’t work for a introvert like me.

The mistake I do is not prepare, and I am somewhat who needs to be prepared when I am meeting people and interacting with others. Networking for me serves a different purpose than what it seemingly does for others. I do not seek to connect with others for the sake of quantity and reach. I network to add more value in to my sphere and be able to bring value to that of others.

I want to meet people who share my interests and passions about life and are eager to accomplish the same goals as myself. It is important that they are people who seek the same type and nature of interactions as I do. Purely, intellectual, and not personal. Every introvert has an intimate circle of loved ones that we do not need to expand or open to others, but we have an added layer of connections on top where cerebral interactions happen.

I am a believer in the value of Networking. But I am becoming aware that it has different meaning to me and that it unfolds differently for me as opposed to others. I don’t have to do it the same way others do it. I can network my own way, and find a connection that suits me and suits the people who are looking for someone like me in their network.

The key is: Preparation.


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