My mind is blank. I guess it’s somewhat normal, since last week my mind was on full drive the entire 5 days, with midterms, assignments, meetings and deliverables for Friday.
I pulled through, but now it is time to rejuvenate and restore energy.

My plan for the day is this:

Engage in some creativity and have fun with colors in your coloring book
Shop for fall boots (stick to budget)
Go to Chapters Indigo and see what is the newest in books and home decor (Don’t buy anything)
Go get groomed at the salon (also budgeted)

Go to the theater and see a play with sister
Have supper and a good time at parents house
Take an hour to organize Sunday and next week, so your mind is not cluttered
Sleepover and cuddle with cat

Have breakfast with family
Go home, get productive, but take it easy it is the weekend.
Shower and feel pretty. Go to bed early.

That’s it. ( :

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