My mind is scattered and I can’t focus. I have this problem of worrying. I can’t stop myself from worrying until the problem is effectively resolved, even if I know it will get resolved eventually. For example, if you tell me that everything will be resolved tomorrow morning, I will still worry overnight. This is happening with me right now. My car is not repaired yet, and even though I was told it will be ready at the end of the weekend, I am still in a state of anxiousness.

For some reason, I feel that if I am not worried, I will forget about the issue, get carried away with something else, and the problem won’t be resolved. But if I worry about it, and give it my laser constant attention, somehow someway, it will be fixed, decimated and out my life. That if I am not waiting and watching for it to disappear, it will trick me when I am not looking, and continue to exist beyond the promised time of resolution. Ugh!

It is ridiculous, I know! But I can’t snap myself out of it.

This is not good; I have an exam on Sunday, while I can still study for it tonight and all day tomorrow, I know I won’t be able to because I will waste all the time worrying and waiting until I get my car back. Then, and only then, will my mind be clear and I will unwind enough to be able to tackle anything else.

I don’t know what to do.
I am tired by my own mind.

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