Managing your energy

I am attempting to find a way to better manage my energy in order to get more done. I’ve tried to manage my time, and while I am capable of setting a schedule, sticking to it is hard because I don’t necessarily have the energy to execute the schedule. What I am going to try now is to build an energy schedule where I pencil in tasks depending on the amount and type of energy it requires. For example, I will take into consideration my introversion and my need for an alone time to replenish, and re-arrange activities that need extroversion and human interaction, and activities that I can do on my own quietly, depending on the level of energy I have for each.

I will use activities that refuel me to propel me through the activities that drain me. I will pinpoint my peak hours for creativity, for learning, and for productivity and schedule those to the tasks that need each one of those states of mind.

I think it is important to mold our lives to what suits us. I find that we look at successful people and we try to emulate hoping we would achieve the success. But what works for them, might not necessarily work for us. It might even sometimes sabotage us. I believe that we have to find our way to success. To tap into our strengths and forge a path of our own to success.

We were all created equal. We were not all created the same.
We must find our own path to happiness. Relentlessly so.

Managing your energy

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