10 thoughts on “Energy sources and consumers – WIP

  1. Eunoia says:

    After lunch, I get an energy low. It is not the best time for learning or creativity. It is good for menial work that does not require much mental effort. Things transcribing, writing, entery data, and any kind of menial work.

  2. Eunoia says:

    Saturday, I was able to read an entire chapter and understand it from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. That was after a purchase of decor for my home and a visit to my parents. I felt unloaded and my mind was free to learn. Usually, after an accomplishment as my mind feels cleared out.

  3. Eunoia says:

    I go to work energized if I wake up early and have time for myself before heading out to work. Especially, if I take care of my looks and feel good about how I am going to present myself.

  4. Eunoia says:

    If I really want to learn something, I can only do one subject at a time. I need to apply the knowledge in order to really understand the material and see how it is used.

    If I want to really absorb all the material, I need time before the learning process and the reviewing process.

  5. Eunoia says:

    I found that the only way for me to not be tired, is to sleep. No coffee, no naps, no energy drinks. I have not found a benefit to pushing my limits. It doesn’t help accomplish anything. I lose focus, I lose stamina, and I come off like an incompetent idiot when it really matters. The only remedy there is for fatigue is rest.

    I should be kinder to my body.

  6. Eunoia says:

    If I eat around 7:00 – 7:30 AM, and I eat carbs, around 10:00 AM, I am hungry and experience low energy.

    Either change breakfast content, or prepare snack for the 10:00 AM down-low.

  7. Eunoia says:

    My mind is blank. I guess it’s somewhat normal, since last week my mind was on full drive the entire 5 days. 

    So far what I have planned to rejuvenate is:
    Do some coloring your adult coloring book, explore with colors
    Shop for fall boots (stick to budget)
    Go to chapters and see what is the newest in books and home decor
    Go get groomed at the salon (also budgeted)

    Go to the theater and see a play with sister
    Have supper at parents house
    Take an hour to organize Sunday and next week
    Sleepover and cuddle with cat

  8. Eunoia says:

    My looks feed my confidence. It is my armour.

    If i don’t feel like I look good, I don’t good in my own skin, and I have a harder time focusing.

  9. Eunoia says:

    I noticed that I lose productivity and focus, when I am cold. The warmer I am the more I wake I feel, and more focused and concentrated.

  10. Eunoia says:

    Inspiration and engaging myself mentally fuels my productivity. I can’t draw productivity from within, I need external stimuli. I need to read, listen to music, see art, and feel.

    I need to find my trigger for elation and producticity.

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