I dislike it when people hide behind the initiatives I take, and then claim credit for it. I hate it when they compete with me on being me. Whatever I do, they have got to do it better than me, otherwise they aren’t happy and they turn their resentment towards me..

What the hell? How is your incompetence and lack of imagination my fault? You can’t do the things I do any better, because they are not your passion; they are mine.

You know how I know? Because the minute I lose interest, drop the whole thing and move on to something else as a result of your competition, you seem to lose interest too. You seem to be unable to handle the momentum that’s been created. If it was a passion you were pursuing, you would have been able to continue to work hard for it and build on “your interest”. But you can’t.

Pathetic. Fcuking find your own flame you stupid sheep!

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