Sometimes my cat runs around for no reason. She’s not chasing anything in particular. She makes strange growling sounds. I figure she’s playing and expending pent up energy. It’s just me and her in my apartment, and I worry that she will get depressed through boredom. She always greets me at the door. I know she loves me. She’s done everything that a cat does to show affection, including kneading me multiple times. She purrs endlessly.

I played with her today, perhaps too much..because she fell on her shoulder, and then again hit her head on a table post. Not long after she started panting. I did not know cats panted. Then, she layed on the on the couch, away from me. Shes been sleeping on my lap, my side, my thigh, ever since I brought her home- two days ago. I tried to change very little of her routing. She eats the same food, she has the same litter, even the same litter box color and make. She’s always been around my feet, sometimes I’m scared I would stomp on her with my feet. When I napped, she napped. If I moved, she moved. Now, that she’s away, I’d like to think she’s getting more independent. I hope she suddenly layed low because she’s tired and wants rest, and not because she’s hurt.

My apartment is small; I don’t allow her in the bathroom or my bedroom and I want her out of the kitchen, but it has no door, and I don’t know how to tell a cat “no”. So, really the living room is the only place she’s allowed to be. I hope the confined space, does not make her anxious or stressed out.

I don’t know much about cats. So, I am in a constant fear that my ignorance will cause my cat harm, and maybe worse, death. If anything happens to her because I am a newbie, I will never own a pet again.

She’s 16 weeks old, and I am a first time pet-mother. I may be overreacting.

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