Yesterday, I was with my mother for the evening, and she often likes to video chat with my aunt on her days off (they live very far from each other). On the computer screen, I can see my baby cousin sitting on my aunt’s lap.  Anyways, I kissed my mother on the cheek and said hi to my aunt.


My cousin, then, kisses his mother (my aunt). So I kiss my own mother on the cheek again while observing his reaction, and I see him do the same. I did it a couple of times then, and he did the same right away and every round he’d kiss her cheek for a little longer. We made a competition out of it, and it was the funniest thing that happened yesterday.


Of course, it made my aunt happy that she got kisses from her little boy.  It made my mother happy that her sister was happy. And it made me happy that my own mother was happy.



Ah, the little things in life.

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