Sometimes I wish I had a mentor of some sorts. I often take pride in having learnt and accomplished many things on my own, but I can’t help but wonder what more would have been made possible if I had someone teaching me and showing me the ropes.

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  1. Eirene says:

    I can relate to the feeling.

    I have always been attuned to the energy of the Earth and inside others, but through my Reiki instructor and many other Teachers I have met over the past year or so, the possibilities of what to do with this energy have been endless, and are still expanding.

    I have full faith that a mentor will come into your life when you are ready, and by speaking that request into existence, one will find you.

  2. My program demands that I work with a licensed professional; I doubt I would have sought out a mentor on my own. However, now that I have the experience, I cannot imagine building my career without one.

    I definitely, definitely advocate looking up a mentor, even if you prefer to learn independently. They are an incredible source of insider information and you have the benefit of learning from their mistakes to clamber higher. That, and once you get to know them a bit more, their insight into the business coupled with their knowledge of who you are as a person can help them point you in the right direction with your career.

    1. That’s what I was thinking, Phos. I think having a mentor would benefit me greatly.

      Our university offers a job-shadowing opportunity. I think I might sign up for it. It’s not mentoring, but it’s close enough I guess.

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