Imagine having the lights go off while you’re in the process of going down the stairs. That momentary disorientation creating a jolt of hollowness in your stomach for a fraction of a second, even though you can still perfectly visualize what the stairs looked like.


That’s exactly how I feel about uncertainty; a bittersweet combination of sustained confidence in my own ability to handle the unpredictable situation and an apprehension of what the mighty Universe may have possibly concocted for me this time around.

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  1. Sandra_B says:

    I relate to this. You know how to walk down the stairs, you can cling to the railing and be careful, you’ve done it 1000 times before… But I find the surprise comes when the stairs end and you’re back on flat ground. I know for me I get to that point and I am sticking my foot out trying to feel around just to make sure I’m not walking off a ledge, almost like I can’t believe I’ve made it down already and I can’t be sure that there’s not another flight waiting to send me sprawling.

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