I went to the library today. Got me a book…naturally. I took public transit because sometimes, some rare times, I do like to commute.


While on the metro, lost in my own music and obscure universe of tangled thoughts, from the corner of my eye I noticed a woman reaching out to a young lady and handing her some Kleenex. I looked up at the lady and she was crying.

I have no idea why she was crying, but the sight itself touched me. What could have possibly happened to this person to finally resign and submit to her fate and shed precious tears in public? I say this because it looked like it was defeat. She had her head bowed down and arms dropped beside her. She took the Kleenex and thanked the women before she got off at the station.

When I told this to my family they sad that it happens all the time. I guess it does. Not long ago, I saw a woman sitting on one of the steps leading down to the metro cars, and she was weeping. I can still see the image clearly.



I don’t know what it is, but the scene always grips at my heart.


For people to give up on the game of life, the race, the fight. To suddenly stop, careless of everything and everyone around them, and finally lament whatever that was lost that day…it leaves an impression. It leaves you empathetic. It makes you wish things were a little bit better for everyone else.

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  1. “Sometimes we do not cry because we are weak; sometimes we cry because we’ve been strong for too long.”

    Now I’m thinking about that lady. I hope that whatever happened to her, it’ll eventually turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

    1. Eunoia says:

      That is a fantastic quote. :]

      I hope so too. She looked so helpless. I think after a cry like that, it feels like there is nothing left to be lost and moving on becomes much easier of a task.

      1. There are times when a lot of us are dragged down by emotional burdens we aren’t even aware of. It’s amazing how much lighter and how much easier things feel after a good cry… like we’ve suddenly released that. It’s a gorgeous feeling.

        I don’t look at crying as something to feel sorry for… It’s more like watching someone go through an incredible release so they can move forward.

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