“You wanna do something this weekend?”

“Sure. What do you have in mind?”

“I don’t know.”


“You know, Saturday night my boyfriend’s friends are doing something, wanna come with us?”

“Yeah, I am free on Saturday. What are you guys doing?”

“Oh, we don’t know yet. ”




Two days later,

Text:” Hey, are you busy this afternoon?”

This afternoon? You’re kidding me, right?



That’s not the way I do things. Sure, there is no fun in setting things in stone, and spanteosity can a make a night much more memorable, but not to this point! There has to be some sort of plan of what is going on and what I am singing up for. A what, when and where would be nice for a night starter. I don’t appreciate being dragged out with no destination in mind, more so when it’s late at night, and then spending 2  hours figuring out what we want to do, 2 more hours getting everybody to agree and 2 more organizing everything and actually getting there.


I am probably exaggerating but that’s what it feels like. Some people might find this fun, but I get exhausted before even having any fun. I, also, find it inconsiderate. It assumes that I have nothing else to do but wait home with my chin parked on my hands, waiting  for someone to call me to hang out. What if I do want to see friends and spend time with them but I can’t because it is too short of notice  to work it out with my schedule? It feels kind of like an ultimatum; do I turn this down and risk alienating myself, or set my schedule into chaos for one night because my friends weren’t considerate enough?  It’s not only about time either. I am the kind that likes to budget for my nights out, and some sort of an idea would really help. Are we going to a restaurant afterwards or are we stopping by one of the girls place? Are there parking meters in the area or is it free? How much are the entrance fees exactly? How much is it for the pool table? Etc.



It just creates all sorts of awkward situations. I always thought it was common courtesy to figure out the details before extending invitations.

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