“A Mystery”

A PM, titled A Mystery, from a friend that made my day. Upon his permission, I am posting  it here because it made me grin oh so widely. :]



As D- logs into one of her usual websites, a flash of red catches her eye. In the top right corner of the forum, her notifications betray a secret missive that was sent her way. Intrigued by this so-called private message, our protagonist clicks, curious to see just who seeks to catch her attention. The page cannot have loaded quickly enough to sate our heroine’s curiosity: her mind begins to ponder the possibilities that await her. A stuffy reply about typology is likely given the venue, unenticing though it may be. Perhaps the message is from yet another of her many fans? Flattering to be sure, but altogether uninteresting, truth be told. Men who prattle admiration so openly and easily are of little interest. D- is a woman who understands the subtleties of the chase: quarry hunted is quarry deserved. Though she wishes not to admit it to herself, part of her mind drifts toward old sparks that could potentially ignite anew. Perhaps the letter awaiting her is a passionate flame in waiting, the breath she now anxiously holds is fuel enough to relight that ember. Her heart skips a beat at the possibility. The page finally loads, and her gaze desperately seeks the mysterious sender’s name, eager to discover the identity of her potential new beau—-

It’s just J-.

Oh well, there’s always next time… ;]

“A Mystery”

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