I signed up to volunteer for a geochemistry conference that’s taking place in town next week.

I originally had no idea there was a volunteering opportunity until my sister asked me to fill in for her because she can’t manage it with her work schedule. I said yes. Our first briefing happened Friday.

I am kinda glad this fell onto my lap. I get a free pass to the site which gives me access to all seminars taking place, so when I am not on duty I can actually walk in and learn something. I am looking forward to this.

Apart from this, I discovered a beautiful spot to hang out at and shop. It’s a market where people sell all kinds of plants, flowers, even vegetable shrubs and fruit trees. There was a pomegranate tree that looked and smelled amazing, sadly I do not have the space to plant it and cater to it. This is when I wish I owned a big house or a farm of some sort.

Also, I found this. I have no idea what it is, but it looks incredibly exotic.

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  1. You’re so industrious; if I’m a spark or an ember… you must be an inferno.

    Always ready to jump in and learn something new or seize an opportunity; I think you’ll do great things ; )

    And that does look like quite a spot; green and vibrant. The fragrances are almost made tangible by simply viewing these pictures.

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