Sometimes, I find myself out of tune with everybody else. As in, I am just not in the same mood or mindset. It becomes more obvious when I am around a large group of people or a clique of some sort.


Oddly, I find that reassuring. To me, it means that my bubble, thoughts and personal space remain intact and that I am the only source of influence there is in my world. That my own freedom to be is preserved. I don’t care if it creates a sense of alienation or disconnect from the people around me, as long as I am at peace with myself and happy with myself. That, to me, is a number one priority and a crucial foundation to every thing else I would like to become and grow into.

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  1. Always remain true to yourself – there’s a reason I’ve come to admire you as I have ; )

    Comprimising your ideals is very dangerous, perhaps more so than death…

    I’m a bit conflicted about what I would do if a choice between the two would have to be made, but in the end I think who we are is the most important facet of our existence – without it we are truly lost.

    Those who lack empathy though… should their individuality still be held in high regard? Such questions give me pause.

  2. Fixed. :]

    I don’t think individuality means lack of empathy. I think it is about protecting the autonomy and the freedom to define yourself and your own experiences.

    Empathy is not a way to define yourself, it is however an extra level of self-awareness where it enables people to connect and feel like they belong to the whole of the species and see themselves as part of a bigger entity or existence.

    If anything, I think lack of empathy is far more alienating than individuality is.

    It is interesting relationship to think about.

    1. I think that got a bit misinterpreted, I wasn’t saying that individuality means the lack of empathy. I was merely stating that I see empathy can be an individual characteristic… and certain people will choose to nullify empathy as part of their “individuality”.

      Empathy varies quite a bit between individuals, so in some ways I really do think we can be defined by it. When someone is sociopathic or even borderline – their concern for the outside world and its people becomes negligible, what if a person is a fascinating individual but holds life in no regard whatsoever?

      I’m drawn to people who “make” empathy part of their identity… the facade doesn’t cut it for me – how we interact with this world and it’s people is part of our identity.

      …I was trying to broaden/ expand upon your idea, to see how it might relate to humanity. You could say I “introspecting aloud” (I do this at certain times unfortunately) and I don’t think my ideas on this particular subject are fully realized/solidified.

  3. Ah, I see what you mean. That’s an interesting line of thought to follow. I would have to ponder on this. There are many things that tie an individual to the rest of humanity, empathy is one of them certainly, and I think it could dictate how a person grows and defines themselves.

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