I love my family very much. They’re truly good people, and they’ve done so much for me when I needed them and when I didn’t. It’s been a rough patch for all of us the past couple of years. Recently there’s been lots of unpleasant friction between my family and I, and I believe it’s time to go. I don’t think it’s their fault, it’s just…we’ve been through some really difficult times and I don’t think they know how to cope in the same way I can. I allow myself to take a lot of heat because I know how to deal with difficult situations better than they do. It’s always been clear to them that most of what I do and strive for, it’s for them, but in order for me to achieve what I aspire to, I need a better environment. I, now, need some space. Sometimes, too much negativity can hold you back, and I am too young to be held back right now. The only downfall I see is the loneliness that is bound to come with it. I am very fond and close to my family, and it will be heart-retching (for all of us I imagine) for me to get away from them.


As a result, I’ve been looking for opportunities to move out of the province recently and seek new challenges.  Moving further away will also put a strain on my current relationship. I haven’t talked to Ben (or anyone else in fact) about this yet, I don’t know  he’d take it. It’s too early anyways, I only started thinking about very recently. I am set on it, but there’s nothing definitive in sight yet.


I’d like to move somewhere east with colder weather. I’ve been looking at Alberta a lot, perhaps BC too. Toronto would be an ideal first baby step, but it’s a difficult city to live in, albeit my love for it so much. I’d have to talk about this to a couple of friends who live in those areas to see what it’s like and what I can do.



We’ll see. If the situation doesn’t change, the move should happen in about two years minimum, but I better begin looking around just to be ready and informed.


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  1. I can somewhat understand the situation, though… my movement wasn’t nearly as far as yours will be. It’s good to at least be thinking about it and it’s nice to be blessed with such a wondeful family – You sound like a very “loving” person, I’m happy when I meet someone that realizes the importance of family – far too many take their loved ones for granted (imo).

    It will be difficult to move away, but I like you have a good head on your shoulders and are dedicated to making it happen : )

    As for Canada… sorry, I don’t have much of a clue /shrug

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