Every time I take public transportation I am reminded why I dislike being around crowds of random people. The disrespect of space, the lack of civility, not to mention hygiene, all sorts of mob mentality, loss of individuality and diffusion of responsibilty.

Top it all with packs of children taking all of the metro car or bus. No it is not cute when they step on your feet. It is not okay when their back packs smack you in face. When they yell in your ear or when they tap the back of your seat with their feet. I think people enable a lot of their bad behavior just because their children, instead of teaching them proper etitquette of living in a society at a young age. How are these kids going to coexist when the earth’s population goes beyond what it is now in the future? Anyway, this is a topic for another day.

I don’t want to mention the highschoolers at the end of their school day or all the deranged and creepy people roaming around the transit. Did I ever mention I was elbowed in the stomach at a metro door because some asshole wanted tocover for his buddy’s iphone roberry attempt? Well, I just did.

By the end of every journey I am sincerely grateful I got out of the whole mess still lucid, sane and safe. It’s often a very stressful experience for me. I prefer the safety and privacy of my own car.

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  1. “all sorts of mob mentality, loss of individuality and diffusion of responsibility”

    I share your distaste for this facet of human behavior… us at our worst – It really does disgust me. I’m lucky I’ve never had to rely on public transportation thus far – but I’ve observed this sort of “mob mentality” many times before. It feels very aggressive and “animal-like”, and it always causes more to follow suit.

    I sincerely hope I’m never in the midst of a real “catastrophe” I’d probably lose it – Watching people stomp and trample over each other gets me “heated” (to put it lightly).

  2. Then a particular scene in The Mist must’ve riled you up pretty well, huh? :]

    I don’t get heated. I get scared and I temporarily lose faith bit by bit in my kind. I can tell you for sure that I could possibly be developing some sort of anxiety now when I am around large groups of random people. For example, I am not comfortable in concerts, or big parties with many people I don’t know, packed buses or metros.

    I’d rather walk long distances than get stuck with people in unpleasant circumstances. People turn and they turn so quickly.

    Part of me, also, don’t want to ever be subjected to such a mentality. I imagine going against the grain when everybody else is under that “spell” puts you in a very dangerous position.

  3. Indeed it did (I actually remember the scene with the young military officer quite vividly)- scenes like that always get me “riled up” – that sort of behavior really bothers me.

    I think my anger originates from a fear of mine…the fear that I’ll have to accept and submit to that sort of behavior (losing all control)- I’ll do whatevers necessary to get through “the struggle”, but I despise others for making me take that step (they should have practiced more restraint)

    They’ve let the situation become more volatile than it needed to be.

    I understand where you’re coming from… I usually take the longer route if it’s possible to avoid the crowds.

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