People seem to want to assign the word “issues” to everything. The notion of someone having and leading a healthy life is becoming almost mythical.


If you prefer privacy in your life; you have “trust issues”.

If you are comfortable and do better in leadership positions; you’re a “control freak”.

If you are confident in your self and have a healthy self-esteem, you are “narssicistic”, “arrogant” or “conceited”.

If you have doubts about a new experience and are unsure and cautious, you have “insecurity issues”.

If you like to socialize and connect with people, you are “needy”.

If you are upfront and outspoken about conflict, you have “anger issues”.

If you deeply believe in a principle and get worked up for it, you are a “drama queen”.

If you are autonomous and independent, you have “commitment issues”.


and the list goes on.




Sometimes I wonder what the hell is wrong with people..

then I laugh at how this thought suddenly became ironic.

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  1. We live in a world of titles, as long as we can give it a name we’re comfortable with a menial comprehension of any given situation or problem. I wish we’d take more time/ use more thorough explanations for our problems/feelings; maybe then we’d better understand ourselves and others.

    Should we ever feel inclined to anyway…

  2. You know what, I’ve been thinking about this yesterday actually. I think the reason I have a hard time introspecting is that I am always looking for the right word.. in the same way that I do when I am discussing an intellectual or an impersonal topic. Then, I get frustrated and go back to thinking about the world instead of myself.

    I think I need to allow myself to simply go with the flow in my introspective thoughts and explore without needing to have a clear direction of where I am going.

    I will probably try this from now on. :]

  3. : )

    Sorry if I got a bit ranty there; psych. has been hammered into my brain the past couple of years. It’s certainly an interesting subject and worth thinking about; words can be useful… but they can’t encompass entire; concepts, situations, or people. I find the world rather impersonal in that way, but I suppose there’s too many of us to do it any other other way.

    …I can only hope that we become more thoughtful/restrained in the usage of said titles.

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