Today was a very long day, but it was pleasant. I am pleased.

I spent some time with my mother. She was feeling lonely since my dad is abroad on business, my sister is out of town for college and I am full-time busy all week. I took her out “window shopping”. In reality, all we did was spend most of our time catching up and talking, we just needed a place to hide from the rain.

I got caught up in the rain this morning. Metros were shut down, buses were late and the weather was horrible. Rain + Snow = Slush Lakes; my least favorite part about Winter. I walked for a very long time before I managed to get on any bus. I was soaking wet, from head to toes.

My right gluteus muscle hurts.

I met someone nice today. Dark. Tall. Intelligent. Sexy accent. Sexy stubble.
I expect to see him again next week. I am pleased. :]

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